Personal Development

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The greatest coping mechanism for all stresses of life is the act itself of personal development and learning

Is it good advice?

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When you find yourself thinking or saying "he/she has no right to tell me...", "who is he/she to say that to me...", then you know you have heard honest good advice otherwise your ego would not be fighting back so hard for you not to listen.

The Silent Treatment

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The worst punishment any one can inflict on another is the "silent treatment", so never do it to yourself! Instead, encourage yourself with words of praise for the good things you will do and can do for the world and others.

Being Self Centered

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Being self centered has consequences, there is only enough room in there for your will or God's will.


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Disappointment in people stems from our inability to accept them as being as human as we all are. Out of the ashes of disappointment if you choose to overcome your 'self', true love is born.


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True self confidence and strength comes from dedication and belief in ones mission's potential for success, not from inflating ones ego.

If you lack confidence and strength to move forward, perhaps you need to revaluate if you have dedication to some mission and if your mission is really one you believe to be blessed by heaven and so unquestionably bound for success.


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There are two ways to recover from bad experiences.

One is to turn inwards and stop caring, to feed our egos and "grow" beyond the episodes and be bigger than the event and people involved.

The other is to turn outward and care more, to realize that God runs the world, that events have occurred for a greater purpose even if we do not see it at the moment, that those involved may have fallen or caused harm unwittingly and deserve forgiveness just as God forgives us and so we must forgive ourselves.

Both work, but only one way leads to real growth.


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There can be no suffering where there is no self.
Where there is no commitment and dedication to others, there is only self.
Be good and act with love to each other, only there will you find escape from suffering.


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If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?

-- Rabbi Hillel (First century BCE)

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