Growth through Expectations

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love bonds

Bonds of love are the product of fulfilled expectations.

Next Step

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Growth comes when you know God will be there for you when you take your next step.

Personal Development

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The greatest coping mechanism for all stresses of life is the act itself of personal development and learning

Personal Growth


Personal growth starts when a person stops thinking about themselves.

Limits of Vision

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God limits our vision to allow us to grow. If you knew the future, you would never learn anything from the present.

How To Change Your Life

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gift box

Nothing impacts a greater change on ones life than acts of kindness for others. When you focus on another, you lose your sense of 'self' and so allow the Godly soul in you to lift and change you forever towards being a greater and kinder person.

Liberation to Learn

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Truly believing in God includes denying ones ability to align oneself with forces, ultimate beings or realties possessing creative ability that can oppose Him.

That belief and denial liberates a person to freely be able to see the universe as a place to learn from, a place where ones actions are accountable to a single authority and so that all that occurs in ones life is there to teach them and help them grow.

Growth Thermometer


You know you are growing when you see the good in everyone one is greater than their faults.

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