Working with Friends

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hands together

Work with friends you can love and you will never feel lonely a day in your life.

Friends and Acquaintances


Acquaintances know each other
Friends do for each other



Friends are the ones you don't need to ask for help.

The Greatest Gift

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The greatest gift two people can give each other is their time.

Good Friends


You know you are good friends when you can tell each other no.


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When two people climb together you halve your chances to fall.


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Mystic Path

While it is true that If you never expect anything from any one you will never get hurt, it is also true that you will never form close friendships or relationships either.

It is the mutual commitment and building of trust between two people that they will live up to each other's expectations, desires and wants that forms the bonds of friendship and all relationships.

The rewards and love that come from such true selfless giving relationships can not be described and only those willing to endure those growing pains merit them.

Warmth of Friends

Warmth of Friends

I took this photo on a wintery day. Friends can bring such warmth to us just by being there and knowing they care.

Finding Friends


To find a friend amongst the reads that are with out count
is to find a diamond hidden amidst infinite shards of glass

Stretching ones arm to grasp at potential scores the arms
only though to hold, even but once, the reward numbs all

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