The Gift of Receiving

blue bow

I always make it my practice at various life events, holidays, seasons, etc. in my life to sort of do a review of my life, relationships, etc. For example, on my marriage anniversary I look at the past year and beyond with my wife and consider what I could do to be better, what I may have done wrong. etc.

Well, when this time of year comes around, I often think about gift giving for obvious reasons. In my review I always go back to my fifth birthday.....

There I was in Carvel, we all just enjoyed the birthday ice cream cake and me and all my little friends are sitting around and I start opening the gifts. Then it starts, the moment in time I dread, where instead of just smiling and showing joy at every gift and seeing them as the signs of kindness and friendship they are, I decide to say if I like the gift itself and if I will ever play with it, etc. The memory of that always makes my stomach turn especially when I realize how such words would make others feel.

I know, you are saying "you were five, give it up!". Of course, I know I was five, but the idea is to learn from the past. So the lesson I learned and try and put in practice, easier said than done, is the gift of receiving. Accepting the gift, the real gift, the heart felt offering of another and embracing that gift and in so doing exude with joy and happiness that some one cares about me. That joy then becomes the warm gift to them that makes giving and receiving the circle of life that moves us all to be better to each other and change the world.