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Is it good advice?

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finger pointing

When you find yourself thinking or saying "he/she has no right to tell me...", "who is he/she to say that to me...", then you know you have heard honest good advice otherwise your ego would not be fighting back so hard for you not to listen.

Making them feel special

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Little girl grooming dog

It's remembering the little things about and in relation to others that makes them truly feel special.


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All beginnings are difficult, but if you don't start you will never finish. Imagining how great it will be when you are done has always kept me motivated. I see in my minds eye the finished product, the results, and see myself and others enjoying it.



You only enjoy what you have when you don't worry about what you don't have.

You only enjoy the moment when you stop worrying if there will be future moments.

Being a Superhero


Being a hero means taking the risks that no one else would, in so doing it means being different, unique and almost always outcast. When one realizes what they will give up and chooses to be a hero regardless time after time for the good of others, they are then a true Superhero.

Getting Lost


You can never really be lost, you can only not know where God put you at the moment.



Things that entice us come in so many flavors, yet never satisfy. Things that make us grow are like water with no flavor one can describe, but that fulfill and quench our thirsts and desires.

The Silent Treatment

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The worst punishment any one can inflict on another is the "silent treatment", so never do it to yourself! Instead, encourage yourself with words of praise for the good things you will do and can do for the world and others.


Equal Key

Faith is acting on what you know to be true.

Prelude to Joy


If you enjoy life now, wait to you see what's coming to you in the next world!