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Closed Minded

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The greatest closed minded act is to call some one else closed minded. Instead, look inside to see that perhaps they are open to hear your ideas but just do not agree.

Finding Truth


If you are always searching for the truth, when will you have time to act on it?



Courage is facing ones fears not being numb to them.



Being a leader is not about being perfect, it is providing confidence, purpose and direction to those that follow.

When you are down?


When you are down seek out the things that you can believe and trust in and you will find your happiness.


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God made children helpless to teach adults to be compassionate.

Knowing God

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If you know God, you've met some one else. Only God can truly know himself.



The key to leadership is gaining the confidence of others, portraying the trait of reliability is the first step.

Judging is acting

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The cruelest act is no act.
The cruelest judgement is no judgement.

Deciding to be non-judgemental is an excuse to escape from acting to help oneself and others.

Instead, use your power of judgement to determine what is right and wrong and seek to bolster in oneself and others what is right and to overcome that which is wrong.

Loving is the act of doing, judging tells you how to act next.


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To have compassion for others starts with judging them positively. To have compassion on oneself is no different.