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What Makes a Leader

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Benjamin Franklin

Thinking about succeeding no matter where they are is what makes a leader.

Good Friends


You know you are good friends when you can tell each other no.

Never be the Victim


There is no success found in those that consider themselves the victim, only those that consider themselves challenged.


old map

History is the picture we create of the past now. What is important is the lessons learned.


Crooked Arrow

Everything is in God's perfect control, and then there is what you insist on making believe you control.

Heros In Our Lives

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One that is not open to heros is not open to love. One that can not become a hero is one that can not love. One that relies only on heros does not love themselves.


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Mystic Path

We are awakened from the womb by a gift of divinity called our soul to be self aware and capable of speaking with in. Knowledge is everywhere and in everything.



Success starts with kicking addictions.

Nothing helps procrastination more than addictions. Just think, for example, every cigarette kills at least five minutes of productivity.


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What makes man value money is the potential money gives him and that is nothing compared to the potential of ones soul.

Why Me?


Never ask God why me, ask what are you trying to teach me.