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Outlined Flower

Enjoy the good inside everything, the darker sides are just backdrops

Loving God

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To truly love God requires first learning to love man.



Change begins with the faith in oneself, that they can change.

Next Step

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Growth comes when you know God will be there for you when you take your next step.

Personal Development

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The greatest coping mechanism for all stresses of life is the act itself of personal development and learning

The Greatest Gift

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The greatest gift two people can give each other is their time.


Broken Wall

Our boundaries define us, if you break through them you are a different person.



The greatest high is accomplishment, everything else is just a vision.

Fear and Love

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broken heart

When there is genuine trust between two people that each will discuss their needs and hurts openly, there is no fear of losing love and their love will grow forever.

Traits and Habits

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Actions change habits, habits change traits.