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If one's capacity to forgive is not greater than their capacity to love than they will never truly love others nor be loved by others.



Atheist or Believer, we all know we have choice. It is certainly a gift we should use wisely.

Spiritual and Relgious

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The difference between being spiritual and religious can not be the belief that one can channel God verses one believing it is all up to God. For is not God in control of all?

Being spiritual has meant to me learning to listen and accept what God wants and serving and praying to be the one He chooses to serve others.

Being religous has meant to me being consistently working to be spiritual because God has asked that of us.

A Spiritual Ritual

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What makes a ritual something spiritual?

The love and awe of heaven invested in to it.

Rituals help to keep us focused on our missions, to not wander off when we have drifted far, but sometimes they seem like nothing more than habits. Don't blame the ritual, look inward and ask, are you investing in to your actions the love of God, the appreciation and awe of what He has done for you and all of us?

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Talking to God

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Formal prayer has always been part of my life and has been there for me when I felt so far that I couldn't not even begin to think of how to open my heart. Yet, just talking to God, pouring out my heart has always been something special to me. The feeling of happiness and contentment after having poured out my soul in tears and words is beyond description.

I once met a young woman that told me that when she couldn't speak (for example while in class), she would write to God.

How do you talk to God? We'd love to hear in the comments.

Power to Love


God grants you the power to love, don't let others decide if you can.