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Find the Spark

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If you focus on a person's spark of beauty, you will enjoy the light of their soul.

All The Rest

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two way sign

You do your best, and to God is all the rest.


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Little girl grooming dog

Guilt is what a person feels when they do not appreciate the gift of responsibility.


wedding bears

What makes marriages last is taking responsibility for each other and the acceptance that your meeting and marriage was made in heaven and intended for ever.

Loving Touch

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heart in hand

An embrace of passion is for a moment, a touch of love is forever.


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Self Photo

Everything you need to serve God, He already gave you, including the ability to ask for help to serve Him better.

Growth through Expectations

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love bonds

Bonds of love are the product of fulfilled expectations.

Friends and Acquaintances


Acquaintances know each other
Friends do for each other

Feeling wronged

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When some one feels wronged by you, you may not agree they should feel wronged, but if you love them you will have compassion for them.



Friends are the ones you don't need to ask for help.